Superheroes for Jacob

Superman shirt.jpg

I found this brand-new Superman shirt when we were closing down Concoxions Cornerstone Theatre, and no one else claimed it. About the only time I can remember wearing it before today was to match grandson Jim, who is now six years old. (He is nine days younger than Jacob Hall and is also a fanatic Batman fan.)

When tragedies like the one in Townville happen, I wish badly that I could do something to stop senseless violence and/or comfort those suffering unimaginable sorrow. Wearing a shirt that I wouldn’t normally be wearing is such a small gesture and changes very little. So far today, at Chipotle, at the mall, and at Costco I encountered quite a few others wearing superhero shirts in memory of Jacob as suggested by his parents. Sometimes we exchanged words, but most of the time we simply exchanged knowing smiles and nods that said thank you for caring.

I’m not Superman and after today the shirt will probably once again get lost amongst the large collection of Seesalt and Chillipepper shirts. Our ongoing challenge is to keep showing in large and small ways that we care. No matter what shirt we wear.